At current moment, our company has two type of business. one type is the platform for Customer to Customer(C2C), the other are the professional sale sites for business to customers(B2C).

The C2C platform is the Okaygoods. The B2C sale sites are the more than 200 sites of many games. They are include OKAYGOODS, Rsmalls, Rskfc, Shopdofus, etc.

The below datas should make you know what we are now:

a) From 2008 we start to do this business to today (2015-07-29), we have got 4.13 million orders, we have 222,993 register members.
b) Our new platform is opener, more professional, and more worldwide than our competitors.
c) We employ over 100 staff full time.We have 1000+ computers. We have our own livechat system, and many special ITs to make us more efficient.
d) At moment our cooperators include Chinese, Russian, French, America. We will try to get more cooperation in the world.
e) On the homepage, there is a section call "Recent Orders", you can check the orders we get in the period of recent time.
f) From Augest, 2014, we lauched the new system. In the new system, we have a participation section. It has been viewed by our customers for more than 120,000 times.

OKAYGOODS.Com is a professional, open and worldwide platform.The professional is from our nearly ten years of experiences of MMO Second Market business, from our site is more easier to let players or MMO merchants to list their products and to ehxibit their products; The open is from we permit everyone to use our service freely or pay-for-use, from our system will be built by our customers. The worldwide is from we will support any type of language, from we will supply service for every country.

If you are a MMO player, we can cooperate in the below ways:

a,) If you know some secrets of one MMO game to generate much game currency or game items, please tell us, we will give you commission.
b,) If you do not want to play one MMO game any more, you can sell your accounts on our site or to trade other game's items.
c,) If you have some expensive MMO game items, you can sell those items to us or through our site.
d,) If you tell us one way to promote our site, we will give you commission.

If you are a MMO second market merchant or you want to be this type of merchant, we can cooperate in the below ways:

a,) If you have a way to promote site, we can supply one site, you promote it and charge the promotion cost.All the orders from this site, the half of gross profit of it will be split with you. We charge the online customer service, and the site running fees. Site promotion includes those ways: SEO(search engine optimization), spamming in game, advertise on some big platform(like google, bing, yahoo, facebook etc).
b,) The first to tenth product display space of the first page of each type of product is our advertisement space, you can buy those advertisement spaces.
c,) The right and left side of our site can list any type of advertisement, you can pay us for advertisement.
d,) If you want to have a same site like us in your country, we can replicate one easily for you, you just try to edit the language support will be okay. you charge the promotion. The gross profit will split a half with you.
e,) We can supply 24/7 customer service for your business.
f,) We can instead of you to receive payments.

If you are a MMO game running company, we can cooperate in the below ways:

a,) You can do advertisement on our site.
b,) You can sell any thing of your game on our site.


1, We have a system to let every cooperator to monitor their cooperation project at any time. You can know your profit at any time.
2, Most profit can clear at any time.

If you want to know anything about us, please contact us. Thanks!

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